is an add-on package to Wolfram's Mathematica. The package supports the design, analysis, synthesis and simulation of linkages, assemblies or complete workcells. LinkageDesigner supports fully parametrized linkage definition and analysis too.
CreateLinkage  ▪ DefineKinematicPair  ▪ DefineLinkage — build linkage
R3  ▪ T3  ▪ S3  ▪ U3 - Low order joint definitions
DefineGearTrain  ▪ DefinePlanetaryGear — geared linkage definition
SetDrivingVariables  ▪ SetDrivingVariablesTo — modify driving variables
SetSimpleParameters  ▪ SetSimpleParametersTo — modify simple parameters
ReplaceVariables change variable definition in the linkage
GetLLRFMatrix queries transformation matrix of links
LinkageCAD defines 2D mechanism interactively
ManipulateLinkageParameters update dynamically linkage parameters
AnimateLinkageParameters dynamically animate linkage
SynthesisLab Interactive dimensional synthesis of four-bar linkage
MakeLinkageGraph  ▪ ShowLinkageGraph — graph display functions
Linkage3D  ▪ AnimateLinkage3D — display functions
ExportVRML  ▪ ExportX3D — VRML/X3D export
PlaceShape Transform Graphics3D primitives with homogeneous matrix
ScaleLinkage Scales the linkage with the scaling factor
ViewLDTree Display the LinkageData database in tree-view
ToTimeDependentLinkage  ▪ GetLinkageDerivative  ▪ ... Kinematic analysis
PatternSolve  ▪ GenerateInvKinEquations  ▪ ... Inverse kinematics
MakeHomogenousMatrix  ▪ HomogenousMatrixQ  ▪ PlaceShape — matrix functions
DefineCircle  ▪ DefineCircleEQ  ▪ CalculateMidNormal — geometric functions
VolumeIntegration calculates the mass property of a polyhedron