LinkageData Manipulation
Manipulation functions are designed like the pipe function, which creates an interprocess chanel. All manipulating function receives an input LinkageData and returns a modified LinkageData.
Manipulation functions
SetDrivingVariables  ▪ SetDrivingVariablesTo — modify driving variables
SetSimpleParameters  ▪ SetSimpleParametersTo — modify simple parameters
PlaceLinkage  ▪ PlaceLinkageTo — modify linkage placement
RenameLinkage rename LinkageData
ReplaceVariables change variable definition in the linkage
ShakeLinkage calculate another solution of the loop closing equations
ScaleLinkage scale the dimensional values of the linkage
LinkageExplorer2D  ▪ LinkageExplorer3D— interactive posture visualization
SetVariablePanel  ▪ SetJointLimitPanel— interactive posture manipulation
LinkageData display
MakeLinkageGraph creates a non oriented graph of LinkageData
ShowLinkageGraph displays the kinematic graph
ViewLDTree displays the LinkageData database in treeview
LinkageData Query
GetLinkageRules List the parameters of the linkage
MeasureDistance measures on the linkages
GetLLRFMatrix queries transformation matrix of links
LinkageDataPartQ test the existence of a record
CheckLinkageVariables LinkageData consistency check
GetLinkageRecordName Get record id by joint variable
GetJointRecordByVariable Get complet record by joint variable
SwitchJointDirection  ▪ SwitchJointDirectionTo — switch the joint direction
DefineCalcFunction generate solver function for calculating linkage parameters