opens an interactive panel where the values of $LDDrivingVariables and $LDSimpleParameters can be changed using sliders.
  • ManipulateLinkageParameters uses the joint limits as the minimum and maximum values for the driving variables.
  • The range of the sliders of the simple parameters are set with the Parameter Range combo box.
  • The dialog create a copy of the LinkageData and stores the user interactions in this copied database. Clicking Save Linkage button the manipulated data is updated in the original LinkageData
  • Paste Driving Vars button paste the list of $LDDrivingVariables substitution list into the input notebook.
  • Shake Linkage button calls ShakeLinkage function to switch among alternative postures in case of multiple solution exist for a given driving variable configuration
  • The following selected option can be defined:
FontColorGrayLevel[0]Font color of the header text.
FontSize20Font size of the header text.
FontWeightBoldFont weight of the header text.
FontFamily"Helvetica"Font familiy of the header text.
BackgroundRGBColor[0.709804, 0.729412, 0.917647]Background color of the panel.
RoundingRadius10Rounding radius of the panel.
FrameStyleGrayLevel[0]Frame style of the panel.
FrameMargins10Frame margin width of the panel.
VariablePageSize6Number of rows in the tab pages.
Load LinkageDesigner package
Click for copyable input
Load the 6Rmanipulator mechanism example
Click for copyable input
Since the linkage not visualized yet with dynamic visualizer function, therefore the manipulator panel could not be initialized.
Display the manipulator panel
Click for copyable input
Visualize the linkage with Linkage3D
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Click for copyable input
Display the manipulator panel
Click for copyable input
Click for copyable input