AnimateLinkageParameters[linkage, drvls]
creates an interactive panel that interpolate the list of driving variables drvls and animates linkage dynamically.
AnimateLinkageParameters[linkage, str, drvls]
creates an interactive animation panel with str string as a header.
  • Unlike AnimateLinkage3D and AnimateLinkage2D functions AnimateLinkageParameters does not generate animation frames, but dynamically updates the "$Dynamic" record of LinkageData. Dynamic linkage visualization function ( e.g LinkageExplorer3D) updates the posture of the linkage if "$Dynamic" record is updated.
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  • drvls is a list of base vectors of the driving variables. Every vector represent a point in the joint space spanned by the list of driving variables. Based on the Resolution option internal point are calculated using linear interpolation of the base vectors. The list of consecutive base/internal points of the driving variable vectors are the frames of the animation. Animation slider animates these frames.
  • Internal point generation for Resolution →10
  • Using CreatePalette function AnimateLinkageParameters panel can displayed as a palette notebook.
Load the LinkageDesigner package
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Load the predefined puma560 linkage
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Visualize linkage dynamically with LinkageExplorer3D
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Create animation dialog using driving variable vectors pasted from the LinkageExplorer3D panel
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Create animation dialog with new header name
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