Display linkage
Even if every transformation matrix, constraint equations or any other informations stored in LinkageData is accessible to the user, most often animations or visualizations of the linkages give more information, than the expressions. LinkageDesigner package has an extensive support for visualizing and animating linkages. Linkages can be displayed or animated in Mathematica notebook or can be exported to a VRM97 world.
Graph visualization
MakeLinkageGraph creates a non oriented graph of LinkageData
ShowLinkageGraph displays the kinematic graph
ViewLDTree displays the LinkageData database in treeview
Linkage visualization
Linkage3D displays linkage as Graphics3D object
Linkage2D display linkage as Graphics object
Dynamic Linkage visualization
LinkageExplorer2D  ▪ LinkageExplorer3D— dynamic linkage visualization
Linkage external visualization
ExportVRML Export linkage for external VRML visualization
ExportX3D Export linkage for external X3d visualization
X3DOMPage Export a html page to visualize X3D file in HTML5 browser
Graphics utilities
ProjectTexture Project texture on linkage geometries
LinkShape Graphics3D primitive of a link
LinkShape2D 2D Graphics primitive of a link
ExtrudeShape Extrude 2D graphics primitive
JointIcon Graphics3D primitive of joint icon
Marker3D Graphics3D primitive of a marker
Arrow3D Graphics3D primitive of an 3D arrow
PlaceShape Transform Graphics3D primitives with homogenous matrix