displays the kinematic graph of linkage.
  • Information of the kinematic pairs are attached as a tooltip to the edges of the graph.
  • Type of kinematic pair is displayed with the edge of the graph ( T-Translational , R-Rotational , etc)
  • Type letter of kinematic pairs that contain driving variables are displayed as framed text box.
  • The following option can be specified:
ShowFullNameAutomaticspecifies whether closing kinematic pair should be included into the graph
IncludeClosingConstraintsTrueif it is True the graph is labeled with the full name of the links. Otherwise the stripped names are used
GraphLayoutAutomaticspecifies what layout to use for graph components and collections of components.
Load the LinkageDesigner package.
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This loads pre-defined LinkageData object of the crank-slider mechanism
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Display the kinematic graph of the linkage
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