returns an interactive dialog that renders linkage with Linkage2D function and allows to jog the value of the independent variables. The dialog provide interactive edit function to set the joint limits.
  • LinkageExplorer2D displays an interactive dialog panel, that dip lays the x-y plane projected linkage and editor panels. The posture of the linkage can be interactively changed by jogging either the $LDDrivingVariables or the $LDSimpleParameters variables.
  • The JointLimit tab provide buttons and input boxes to set the joint limits of the linkage database.
  • The dialog create a copy of the LinkageData and stores the user interactions in this copied database. To save the data in the original LinkageData two buttons is provided, Save values and Save limits button.
  • The following selected option can be defined:
VariablePageSizeAutomaticThe number of rows in the TabView.
JoggingStepSizeAutomaticDefault step size selected in the selector.
JoggingStepsListAutomaticList of step sizes displayd in the jogging step selector.
  • The function accepts all options of Linkage2D function too.
  • Jogging buttons:
  • Edit joint's limits:
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the four-bar mechanism example
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