renders linkage in the actual posture as Graphics3D object.
renders linkage in the actual posture as dynamic Graphics3D object.
  • Linkage3D can display the geometry of the links and local reference markers attached to the links
  • Only those links are displayed, which has an entry in the $LinkGeometry record
  • Linkage3D function substitute the parameters of the linkage into the link's geometry before rendering. Therefore it is allowed to define link's geometries with parameters.
  • Linkage3D[linkage] renders the linkage with flattened topology of the linkage graph. Every link geometries are transformed to the spatial position defined by the posture of the linkage before rendering it.
  • Linkage3D[Dynamic[linkage]] renders linkage with graph topology. Link geometries are transformed to the spatial posture using GeometricTransformation nodes at rendering time.
  • Linkage3D[Dynamic[linkage]] generates a temporary unique variable and adds to the $Dynamic record of the LinkageData. This variable is used to dynamically update the visualization during the session. A new variable is generated any time one of the dynamic visualization function is called with linkage.
  • The following options can be given:
LinkMarkersNonedefine the list of link names to display
LinkGeometryAlldefine the list of link geometries to display
JointMarkersNonedefine the list of joint markers and icons to display
MarkerSize1size of the markers and icons
MarkerLabels{"x", "y", "z"}label of the marker axes
MarkerLabelStyle{}style of the marker labels
MarkerAxesStyleAutomaticoptions defines the style of the arrows in the markers
ForceSize5specifies the size of the maximum force vector
ForceStyleAutomaticgraphics directrives of the force elements
AnnotateLinkageFalseadd mouse annotation to the linkage
  • Linkage3D also accepts Graphics3D options
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the pre-defined cardan shaft mechanism
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Display the linkage
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Display the linkage with only the Universal joint markers
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