ExportX3D[file, gr]
exports Graphics3D object to static X3D file .
ExportX3D[file, linkage]
exports linkage in the actual posture to a static X3D file.
ExportX3D[file, linkage, drvls]
exports linkage animation specified by drvls to animated X3D file.
without file-name specification the scene defined by gr is exported to the X3D file defined by $LinkageVRMLFile symbol.
  • X3D is Web3D geometry format. It is an ISO-ratified standard that provides a system for the storage, retrieval and playback of real time graphics content embedded in applications.
  • The base functionality of ExportX3D function is exporting Graphics3D models to X3D scenes.
  • ExportX3D not only exports the geometric primitives but all graphics directives(Lighting, FaceForm, EdgeForm, etc.) and scene options (Axes , Viewpoints, FaceGrids, etc) that are available in Mathematica.
  • ExportX3D maps the spanning tree of the kinematic graph to VRML transformation nodes. This way build a tree of transformation to display linkage's geometry in their correct posture in the X3D scene.
  • Linkage animation sequences are mapped to X3D position and orientation interpolating nodes.
  • Exporting Grapics3D object is modified with the following options:
AxesFalseSpecifies whether axes should be drawn.
AxesStyle{}Specifies how axes should be rendered.
BackgroundNoneBacground color of the scene.
BoxedTrueSpecifies whether to draw the edges of the bounding box in a three-dimensional picture.
BoxStyle{}Specifies how the bounding box should be rendered.
FaceGridsNoneSpecifies grid lines to draw on the faces of the bounding box.
FaceGridsStyle{}Specifies how face grids should be rendered.
PlotRangeAllSpecifies what range of coordinates to include in a scene.
PlotRangePaddingAutomaticSpecifies how much further axes etc. should extend beyond the range of coordinates specified by PlotRange.
TicksAutomaticSpecifies tick marks for axes.
VRMLFontScale20Ratio of the fontsize in Mathematica and in VRML world
VRMLNavigationSpeed2Animation speed in the NavigationInfo node
VRMLViewPointsAutomaticAdditional viewpoints specification
  • Exporting linkage is influenced by the following options:
ForceSize5Specifies the display's length length of the maximum force vector.
ForceStyleAutomaticSpecifies how force icons should be rendered.
JointMarkersNoneList of joint names, which joint's icon markers are displayed.
LinkGeometryAllList of link names, which link geometry are displayed.
LinkMarkersNoneList of link names, which LLRF markers are displayed.
MarkerAxesStyleAutomaticSpecifies how marker' axis arrow should be rendered.
MarkerLabels{"x", "y", "z"}Labels of the axes.
MarkerLabelStyle{}List of text styles used for MarkerLabels.
MarkerSize1Length of the axes.
VRMLViewPointsAutomaticAdditional viewpoints specification.
  • Exporting linkage animation is influenced by the following options:
Resolution50Number of frames betwen two key frames.
TracePointsNoneCoordinates of point of links, which sweeping path are displayed.
TraceStyleAutomaticSpecifies how trace lines should be rendered.
VRMLCycleTime10Total time of the animation.
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