Utilities function are handy tool-set to boost the linkage definition and analysis processes.
Interactive panels
LinkageCAD Interactive linkage definition panel
ForceDefinitionPanel define, edit forces of LinkageData interactively
TorqueDefinitionPanel define, edit torques of LinkageData interactively
MassPropertiesDefinitionPanel define, edit mass & inertia data
ManipulateLinkageParameters update dynamically linkage parameters
AnimateLinkageParameters dynamically animate linkage
LinkageExplorer2D move, size linkage interactively
LinkageExplorer3D move, size linkage interactively
Homogeneous Matrix utilities
DefineRotationMatrixPanel defines 3x3 rotational matrix interactively
MakeHomogenousMatrix Creates a 4x4 homogeneous transformation matrix
RotationMatrixLD Creates a 3x3 rotation matrix
HomogenousInverse Invert 4x4 homogeneous matrix
PlaceShape Transform Graphics3D primitives with homogeneous matrix
Geometric Calculations
DefineCircle calculates the center and radius of a circle that goes through three points
CalculateMidnormal Calculates a parametrized line of mid-normal between two points
DefineCircleEQ generate equations for circle calculation
VolumeIntegration calculates the mass property of a polyhedron
VertexFaceMap Calculates a vertex and face map of a polyhedron
ConvertTo2D Projects Graphics3D to Graphics object