Record identifier of LinkageData. It contains the independent - often dimensional - parameters of the linkage.
  • $LDSimpleParameters record is a list of Rule. The left side of the rule is the symbol of the parameter, while the right side is the current value of the parameter. Example:{ p1→ 54.34, p2→ 30°,... }
  • Simple parameters most often represent some geometric feature of the linkage ( e.g. length of a link, initial pose of a joint, etc ). Simple parameters do not influence the mobility of the linkage.
  • Linkages with loops might change their pose, if the numerical value of the simple parameters is changing. This result from the fact, that the closure equations are depend on the simple variables too.
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the 4-bar linkage example mechanism
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List the $LDSimpleParameters record of of the linkage
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Dynamically change the simple parameters and display the linkage
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