LinkageData records
LinkageData is a new data-type, which can be considered as the database of the linkage. It stores all information might needed for analysis or simulation of the mechanism.
Structural records
$LDDrivingVariables list of joint variables
$LDSimpleParameters list of independent parameters
$LDDerivedParametersA explicitly derived parameters
$LDDerivedParametersB implicitly derived parameters
$LDStructure list of kinematic pair definitions
$LDInteractiveDef input data of LinkageCAD function
$LDMechanismID name of the linkage
$LDLinkGeometry geometry of the links
$LDLowOrderJoint information of the low-order kinematic pairs
$LDLinkGroundTransformation pre-calculated transformations of links
$LDDynamic variable of Dynamic visualization
$LDTimeDependentVariables first derivative of the time dependent variables
$LDDrivingVelocities independent velocities of the driving variables
$LDMassProperties mass properties
$LDForces forces applied on the linkage
$LDTorques torques applied on the linkage