Record identifier of LinkageData. It stores the homogeneous transformation of the link's LLRF to the global reference coordinate system
  • The Local Link Reference Frame ( LLRF ) is a Cartesian coordinate system rigidly attached to the link. Every link specific information is defined with respect to this coordinate system.
  • The $LDLinkGroundTransformation record is recalculated, when PlaceLinkage function is called.
  • The $LDLinkGroundTransformation record is optional. If it is not present the transformation matrices are calculated on the fly.
  • In case of reasonable number of parameter of the linkage ( < 20 ) the pre-calculated $LDLinkGroundTransformation speed up the calculation of the animation frames.
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the predefined crank-slider linkages
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List the link-ground transformation of the linkage
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