Record identifier of LinkageData. It stores the mass properties of the links. Mass properties data consist of a list of {inertiaFrame,mass,momentOfInertia} sublists.
  • inertiaFrame is a 4X4 homogeneous transformation matrix. The origin of the inertia frame is the center of mass of the link. The moment of Inertia matrix is calculated w.r.t the inertiaFrame.
  • mass is the mass of the link. The unit of the mass is defined in the $LDMechanismID record.
  • momentOfInertia is a 3X3 matrix that specifies the moment of inertia of the link w.r.t inertiaFrame.
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the predefined double pendulum linkages
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List the $LDMassProperties record of the linkage
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