Record identifier of LinkageData object. It stores the main names of the linkage
  • $LDMechanismID record contains the following Information :
  • {linkageName, groundName, workbenchName,unit}
Template NameExample valueDescription
linkageName"FourBar'"Base name of the linkage
groundName"FourBar@Ground"Full name of the ground link.
workbenchName"FourBar@Workbench"Full name of the workbench link.
unit{Meter Milli,Gram,Second,Newton}units used in calculation
  • The ground link is considered as the global reference frame of the mechanism.
  • Workbench is the base of the linkage. The transformation between ground and workbench places the whole linkage relative the global reference frame.
  • The unit defines the {UnitOfLenght, UnitOfMass, UnitOfTime, UnitOfForce} where the units can be any symbol defined in the Units package.
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Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the predefined 4-bar linkages
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List the $LDMechanismID record of of the linkage
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