creates an empty LinkageData database with str as the name of the linkage.
  • The name of the linkage (str) is used in every string identifier of the LinkageData record such as name of the links, kinematic pairs etc.
  • CreateLinkage adds one kinematic pair between the Ground and the Workbench links. The Ground link represents the global reference frame of the linkage, while the Workbench link is the root link of the linkage.
  • Changing the placement transformation of the Ground- Workbench kinematic pair (PlaceLinkage, PlaceLinkageTo), the linkage can be placed in arbitrary position and orientation in the Ground's reference frame.
  • Parameterizing the Workbench-Ground transformation with driving variables the linkage can be easily transformed into a moving mechanism such as mobil robots or walking mechanisms.
  • The following options can be given:
GroundNameGroundGroundName defines the name of the ground link.
WorkbenchNameWorkbenchWorkbenchName specifies the name of the workbench link.
WorkbenchPlacementAutomaticWorkbenchPlacement specifies the placement of the Workbench link w.r.t to the Ground.
SimpleParameters{}SimpleParameters specifies the intial set of simple parameters that can be used in the linkage defintion.
LinkageUnitsAutomaticLinkageUnit specifies the default units used in the linkage. E.g. {Meter,Kilogramm,Second,Newton}
PlacementNameBase-0PlacementName specifies the simple name of the Ground-Workbench kinematic-pair in the $LDStructure record.
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