Record identifier of LinkageData. It stores Information of low-order kinematic pairs as list of {str,jointmarkers, varList,type,limit} sublists.
  • str is the name of the kinematic pair e.g. "EightBar@RotatinalJoint-1"
  • jointmarkers are coordinate frames placed at the center of the joint. The coordinate frames are described as {{name1,mx1},{name1,mx1}}. name1,name2 defines the name of the links of the kinematic pair. mx1 and mx2 homogeneous transformation that defines the placement of the joint markers w.r.t. LLRF of the corresponding links.
  • varList defines the list of joint variables e.g. {1}
  • type is a string that defines the type of joint such as "Rotational", "Translational", "Cylindrical" , "Spherical" , "Universal" ,"Planar" , "Fixed".
  • limit defines a boolean expression that defines the range of the joint variable(s) e.g. {-∞< 1 <∞}
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Load the predefined cardanShaft linkages
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List the 2-nd sublist of the $LDLowOrderJoint record
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Display the joint marker of cardanShaft@UniversalJoint-2 joint
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