SetDrivingVariablesTo[linkage, {varixi..}]
Set the vari driving variable to xi pose value in linkage LinkageData.
SetDrivingVariablesTo[linkage, {xi..}]
Set the ith driving variables value to xi and in linkage LinkageData.
  • The linkage argument of the function is a LinkageData object.
  • If the JointLimitCheck option is True, only those driving variables are updated, that do not exceed their limits. The joint limits are specified in the $LowOrderJoint record.
  • The following selected option can be defined:
ParameterInitialGuessAutomaticSpecifies the intial values used in root finding.
JointLimitCheckFalseSwitches on/off the limit check of driving variables
AccuracyGoalAutomaticSpecifies how many effective digits of accuracy should be sought in the final result during root finding.
MaxIterations100Specifies the maximum number of iterations that should be tried during root finding.
PrecisionGoalAutomaticSpecifies how many effective digits of precision should be sought in the final resul during root findingt
  • SetDrivingVariablesTo accepts all options of FindRoot function
Load the LinkageDesigner package
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Load the predefined four-bar linkage
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List all parameters and their actual substitution values
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Set the 1 driving variables to 90°. The resulted linkage is stored in pose1 variable.
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List all parameters and their actual substitution values
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