displays a panel where forces of to the mechanism can be interactively defined/edited.
  • Force definition panel opens an interactive form. In this panel forces of the linkage can be interactively edited, deleted or inserted.
  • Every vector is defined with an ordered pair of :
  • 1.) string identifier of the reference frame
  • 2.) list of coordinates of the vector
  • Forces are stored in the $LDForces record of the LinkageData
  • In order to insert a new force first press the New Force button then fill out the name, point of attack and force vector coordinates.
  • In order to edit an existing force, first select a force name in the force list combo box , than press Load Force Definition button. Change the values of the vectors and press Edit Force Definition button to finalize the changes.
  • If the Force Name is edited and the Edit Force Definition button is pressed, the original force definition is copied with the edited name.
  • To delete a force from the LinkageData first select and load the force, than press Delete Force button.
Load the LinkageDesigner package
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Load the pre-defined Double Pendulum linkage
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Calculate and add the weight vector to the linkage
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Display the linkage with the force icons
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Open the force definition panel and edit the forces
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