Build Linkage
Linkage definition is principally equivalent to build a LinkageData object. LinkageData is the database that stores the digital representation of the linkages/mechanisms. Most of the functions in LinkageDesigner are designed as a pipeline function that takes one LinkageData as input and returns a modified/extended LinkageData.
Basic building functions
CreateLinkage creates an empty LinkageData database
DefineKinematicPair adds one kinematic pairs to LinkageData
Linkage definition
DefineLinkage defines a linkage using simplified notation
R2, T2, F2 planar joint definition primitives
R3, T3, F3, C3, U3, S3, P3 spatial joint definition primitives
RearrangeDParametersB change loop closing variables
DefLinkGeometryTo define simplified link's geometry based on the structure
MergeLinkage merges two or more linkages
LoadAssembly creates a linkage from a list of CAD files
LoadURDFLinkage import linkage from URDF file
Interactive panels
LinkageCAD Interactive linkage definition panel
LinkageExplorer2D move, size linkage interactively
LinkageExplorer3D move, size linkage interactively
ForceDefinitionPanel define, edit forces of LinkageData interactively
TorqueDefinitionPanel define, edit torques of LinkageData interactively
MassPropertiesDefinitionPanel define, edit mass & inertia data
Gear pairs
DefineGearTrain defines a gear train linkage
DefinePlanetaryGear defines a planetary gear linkage
Gear  ▪ Gear2D
Save/Load LinkageData
SaveLinkage serialize LinkageData to a text file
LoadLinkage Loads LinkageData from text file
CompileLinkageData converts list based LinkageData to LinkageDataMap