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Opens an interactive form where the dimensional synthesis of a four bar mechanism with 3 precision points can be calculated. The result of the synthesis is stored in res variable.
  • The synthesis problem can be specified in the Setup Tab.
  • Step 1. Specify the position and orientation of design frames to be synthesized. The design frames define a planar frames with {{x,y,},..} where {x,y} defines the origin of the frame and specifies the angle between the x axes of the frame and the reference frame.
  • Step 2. Select the solution branch of the four-bar mechanism to be used in the synthesis problem.
  • Step 3. Specify the independent parameters of the linkage, which influence the position and orientation of the coupler bar.
  • Step 4. Specify the dependent parameters of the linkage. this does not influence the solution procedure, only used in the visualization pane. The linkage displayed in the setup tab is drawn used the dependent synthesis parameters.
  • Step 5. Press Solve button to calculate the synthesis solution.
  • As the solver finishes the calculation panel switches to the Solution Tab. I this tab the solution of the synthesis function can be analyzed.
  • Step 6. Check the crank angle tables. If the current mechanism reaches the specified design point at synthesized crank angle i, than the solution at that point is valid and the background of the row is green. Otherwise the solution is not valid, because the other solution branch mechanism can reach that specified point.
  • Step 7. If the solution is acceptable, check the dimensional parameters of the stateside linkage.
  • Step 8. Check the mobility constraint of the synthesized linkage. The mobility constraint visually represent the feasible interval of the crank angles and the interpolated lines between the consecutive design points.
  • Step 9. Click on the Solution Animation tab to see the animation of the synthesized mechanism among the 3 precision frames.
Load the LinkageDesigner package
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Open the dynamic form of synthesis. The synthesized linkage will be assigned to res symbol
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Display the LinkageData of the resulted linkage
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