Analyse linkage
Kinematic Analysis
ToTimeDependentLinkage creates time dependent linkage with symbolic derivation
NToTimeDependentLinkage creates time dependent linkage with numeric derivation
GetLinkageDerivative Get the time derivative of links
LinkJacobiMatrix Calculate Jacobi matrix
SetDrivingVelocities   ▪ SetDrivingVelocitiesTo Set first derivatives of independent variables
Dynamic Analyis
CalculateMassProperties calculates the mass properties of the linkage
MassPropertiesDefinitionPanel interactive panel to define mass properties
CalculateWeight calculates weight vector based on mass properties
CalculateGeneralizedForce calculates generalized forces of the linkage
CalculateKineticEnergy calculates the kinetic energy of the linkage
CalculatePotentialEnergy calculates potential energy of the linkage
CalculateMechanicalAdvantage calculates mechanical advantage between forces or torques
CalculateInverseDynamics calculates generalized forces requiried to move linkage with constan velocity
SolveLagrangian build and solve 2 ordder Lagrange equation
Inverse Kinematics
TemplateEquation Data type for template equation
CreateTemplateEquation Create template equation
ConvertToNormalForm Normal form conversion
PatternSolve Solve trigonometrical polinom
GenerateInvKinEquations Generates inverse kinematic equations
AppendTemplateSolution Template solver utility
AppendTemplateSolutionTo Template solver utility
Four-Bar Synthesis
DefineDesignProblem set up synthesis problem
SolveDesignProblem solves synthesis problem
ShowSynthesisResult display the result of the synthesis
SynthesisLab Dynamic 3-precision point synthesis form
CalcGrashofType Classifies fourbar mechanism according to Grashof criterion
FindGrashofInstance returns fourbar linkage of specified Grashof class