displays a dialog where the mass properties of the links can be interactively defined. The function returns the updated LinkageData object .
  • With this dialog the mass properties of the selected linkages can be defined/edited/deleted.
  • In case the selected link has a polytope geometry the mass property calculation is based on the volume integration of the geometry assuming uniform density of the geometry.
  • In case no polytope geometry is defined to the link the mass properties should be defined manually by typing in the input boxes.
  • The panel is divided into two main parts:
  • The upper part is input area, where the user can set the parameters of the calculation, such as density definition, selection of links and specify the marker size of the inertia frame.
  • The lower part displays the mass properties of the links in a tab view. Every tab corresponds to the mass property values of one link. The
Load the LinkageDesigner package
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This loads the mass properties definition panel
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Browse the resulted LinkageData object
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Initially the linkage does not contains $LDMassProperties record
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Selecting all link and calculating the mass properties
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