CalculateMassProperties[linkage, dens]
calculates the mass properties of all links of linkage using dens density value and assigns the {frame,mass,moment of inertia } values to the $LDMassProperties record. The function returns the updated LinkageData record.
CalculateMassProperties[linkage, names, dens]
calculates the mass properties of list of links ( names) of linkage using dens density value.
CalculateMassProperties[linkage, {name1→dens1, name2→dens2, ...}]
calculates the mass properties of the specifies links using the specified densities.
calculates the mass properties of all geometries using unit density.
  • CalculateMassProperties calls VolumeIntegration function for the specified links of the mechanism.
  • The function assumes that the faces of the link geometries are polygons with vertices in clockwise order. If the vertices are anti-clockwise order the material is placed the other side of the polygon, which results incorrect volume calculation.
  • The mass property calculation is based on closed polyhedron models. If the mas property calculation fails on one geometry the mass property of that link will not be appended to $LDMassProperties record.
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