WriteVRMLAnimation[linkage, ls] generates a list animation of linkage , while the linkage is interpolates through the poses corresponding to the driving variable list ls, and exports it to the default WRL file.
WriteVRMLAnimation[linkage, filename, ls]
exports the animation of linkage using the driving variables interpolation (ls) to the filename WRL file.
  • The animation is based on rigid body transformation. The list of transformations are defined as interpolation nodes in the VRML world.
  • The geometry of the links can be stored in a external PROTO library file. This way the link geometries does not have to regenerated, when the animation sequence is changing.
  • The following options are available:
LinkMarkersNoneselects LLRF markers to display
LinkGeometryAllselects link geometries to display
VRMLFontScale150define the scaling between the Graphics3D and VRML font size
VRMLPROTOLibFileNone name of the PROTO Library file
TracePointsNoneList of points, whose trace is to be drawn
TraceStyleAutomaticList of Graphics3D directive, that specify the style of the trace
VRMLViewPointsAutomaticspecifies the ViewPoint list of the VRML World
Resolution10number of interpolated points between the specified driving variables
Load LinkageDesigner
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Load the predefined piston mechanism
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Display the graph of the linkage
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Export the animation to a VRML97 world
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Display the generated VRML97 file in a web browser with VRML plug-in ( The start command is valid on a Windows system)
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