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WriteVRMLGraphics[gr, filename, opts] write the Graphics3D object gr into filename file in VRML97 format.
WriteVRMLGraphics[gr, opts] write the Graphics3D object gr into the default VRML file
WriteVRMLGraphics[gr, file, opts]
exports gr Graphics3D object to file as VRML97 file.
WriteVRMLGraphics[gr, opts]
exports gr Graphics3D object to default VRML file.
  • The VRML correction does not clip the geometry if the PlotRange is smaller than the bounding box of the Graphics. The PlotRange is used for the view point calculation, therefore the modification in the PlotRange will influence the viewpoint in the VRML world.
  • If the VRMLWritePROTO options is True the function writes the graphics into a PROTO definition the generated VRML world can not be visualized.
  • If the Graphics3D object contains more than one SurfaceColor directive only the last color will be used since all de polygons of the graphics written into one IndexedfacetSet node, which can have only one surface color directive.
  • The VRMLViewPoints option is a list of {"name", {x,y,z}} record, where the name is a String identifier of the viewpoint {x,y,z} are the coordinates of the viewpoint in scaled coordinates. -1<x<1 , -1<y<1 , -1<z<1
  • The following options are available:
VRMLFontScale200Define the scaling between the Graphics3D and VRML font size
VRMLCycleTime10Time frame of the animation
Load LinkageDesigner package
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Display the GreatStellatedDodecahedron
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Export the Graphics3D object to a VRML file
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  • The generated VRML file can be displayed with a VRML97 viewer ( like Cosmo Player 2.). If a VRML97 plug-in is installed for netscape browser you can view the file by loading in the generated file into the browser
Display the generated VRML97 file ( The start command is valid on a Windows system)
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Export a clipped SurfaceGraphics objects to a VRML97 file
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List of Graphics3D or SurfaceGraphics objects are exported by default into an animated VRML97 world
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