F3[i->j, {wi, pi}, {wj, pj}]
function defines a list of input arguments of DefineKinematicPair function for the fixed joint definition between i and j links.
  • The kinematic pair is defined between i and j links where i and j are integers or strings.
  • If i (j) is integer the link name is generated as "linki" ("linkj") respectively.
  • The position and orientation of the joint markers are defined with {wi, pi} and {wj,pj}.
  • wi and wj are defining the axis vector of joint , while pi and pj defines the center point of the joints. The coordinates are referring the local reference coordinate system of link i and j respectively.
  • The axis vector of the joints could be specified with a list of coordinate or with string { "x" , "y" , "z" } representing the corresponding axes of the local reference frame.
  • The following options can be given:
JointNameAutomaticspecifies the name of the kinematic pair.
Parameters{}List of the simple parameters used in the kinematic pair's definition ( e.g {l0→10,l1→3} ).
Load the LinkageDesigner package
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Fixed joints can be used typically to place markers on the linkage.
Define a arguments of the fixed joint that will be used to define a rotational joint
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Define the mechanism
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Display the kinematic graph of the mechanism
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Display the resulted mechanism and the local reference frames of the
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